Hello. With the help of many of my talented friends, I make records, videos, and a radio show of eclectic music and interviews. Feel free to have a look around and root through my things.

Me recording drums
LISTEN – Songs from records made here
LIVE VIDEO – Performances and interviews of some of my favorite local and touring musicians and comedians
VIDEOS- Music videos, as made famous and extinct by MTV
RADIO – Hear my show Yellow Room Recording Presents which first airs on KZME 107.1FM at 5pm on Friday and can be streamed or downloaded anytime on this site
PICS/GEAR - My tools, toys and instruments, plus information to clear up any questions you had about what certain things look like
BIO – Enough about everyone else, let’s talk about me
BLOG – What’s on my mind, you ask. Apparently this
RATES – Money can be exchanged for goods and services
CONTACT – If you have something to say or something to ask, please feel free