Make the Record You Want to Make

If your music matters to you, the details are important, everything is there for a reason and you have your own voice and something to say, then maybe we should work together.

My name is Peter Rodocker. I’m a producer, mixing engineer, musician and songwriter. I help artists create records they love.

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Here are some folk-pop and acoustic tracks I recently produced, recorded, mixed, arranged and played on.

And a few rock songs I recorded, mixed and mastered.

Some of the music I’ve had a hand in has been used in film, television and national advertising, like this Chevy spot.

I meet artists where they are. If you’re lacking anything, I’ll fill in the blanks.

For solo musicians, I can be your band or find the right players and flush out arrangements to make each song what you want it to be.

If you just need someone to facilitate your creative process, I’ll take the pressure off and make sure we get great takes.

If you need someone to mix tracks you’ve already recorded, we’ll get the sound you’re looking for.

A lot goes into making a record. You make music. I’ll take care of everything else.


I offer flat, per song rates for all of my music production services so you’ll know exactly how much your project is going to cost from the start.

You’ll pay half up front and the remaining half when you approve the final mixes. We can both forget about the clock and focus solely on the music.

My rates and services are listed below.

If you like what you hear and I fit your budget, then let’s make music. You can reach me at Peter (@) or from the contact form in the sidebar.

PRODUCTION – Make the music you want to make the way you want to make it.

From before the first note until the final mix, you only have to deal with me. I’ll take care of everything else. You just make music.


  • A DISCUSSION of how you’d like to approach the album.
  • SONG SELECTION – I’ll help you choose your best songs that work best together.
  • All RECORDING, MIXING, EDITING services and use of my home studio.
  • PLAYING, SINGING and PROGRAMMING – I’ll do whatever the song needs that’s within my skill set. For anything outside it…
  • FINDING MUSICIANS – If you need session players, I know or will help you find the right ones.
  • IDEAS – And lots of them, but this is your record. I’m here to help.
  • SCHEDULING – I’ll coordinate all sessions with all the players, so you don’t have to.


  • SONGWRITING – I love co-writing, but I don’t consider writing chord changes or lyrics part of production. If you’re interested in co-writing, let me know.
  • STRING ARRANGING – Though I’m happy to write string arrangements for an extra $125 per song.
  • OTHER STUDIOS – But I can arrange to work out of other rooms. My rate stays the same, and you cover the studio rate.

$600 per song.

MIXING – Make the song what it’s meant to be.

A great mix is the difference between being fully engaged in a story and overhearing part of it from another room.


  • A FOCUSED LISTENING SESSION to assess the song, identify the most important elements and create a plan for the mix.
  • OPTIMUM GAIN STAGING for maximum headroom and minimum noise.
  • EQ to give each element warmth, clarity and its own place in the mix.
  • MUSICAL COMPRESSION to bring out the energy and glue the tracks together.
  • Tasteful use of EFFECTS (reverb, delay, etc…) to give the song the right character.
  • AUTOMATION and SWEETENING so the mix is compelling from start to finish.




  • The first mix I send you may be just right, and often it will be. If it’s not, I’m happy to do up to 3 revisions so you get exactly what you want.


  • I do offer editing services, but these are billed in addition to my mixing rate.
  • Please deliver all tracks to be mixed at once. I work in batches. The result is that you get your tracks faster.
  • I also prefer to mix alone. It may seem strange for you not to be there, but you will get a better mix quicker.

$200 per song

PLAYING & REMOTE RECORDING – Send me your tracks online or on a hard drive. I’ll add parts to them and send them to you via Dropbox.

You let me know what you hear for the song, and I’ll create a part I think suits it and moves it forward.


  • ONE GREAT TAKE of each instruments you’d like me to play; Acoustic or Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo or Ukelele.
  • ONE ALTERNATIVE VERSION with different fills and licks. Most of this version will be the same as the first.
  • ONE REVISION. I’ll do one set of changes so you get the take you want.
  • Correctly formatted WAV FILES


  • EMULATION – I am not a chameleon. I sound like me. If that’s what you want, perfect. If not, I may not be your guy. Don’t worry though, I won’t take on anything I can’t do.


  • I can arrange for musicians to record almost any instruments you like. Let me know what you need, and most likely I can make it happen.

$75 per instrument per song for me, $100 per instrument per song for a musician other than me

If you have any questions or are interested in working together, send me a message at Peter (@) or from the contact form in the sidebar. Cheers.