There’s no reason to settle for anything for anything less than great sounds.

This is one of my favorite parts of making records. Being in the room helping create music is about as good as it gets.


  • FULL USE of the studio and all the instruments, amps, and noisemakers that come with it, plus someone to get the best sounds out of them.
  • GREAT SOUNDING TRACKS using quality gear, proper mic placement and optimum gain staging, up to 16 inputs at one time.
  • SEAMLESS EDITING – Comping of multiple takes, Pitch correction and Drum editing and tightening if necessary.
  • A TRAINED EAR – My years of experience, education and attention to detail are at your service.
  • AN ALLY – I’m on your side, and I’ll help you get the most out of what you can do.


  • MUSICIANS – But I can arrange for any players you like. You’ll pay them directly a previously agreed to rate at the end of the session.
  • PRODUCTION – You run the show. I’ll make be sure we get great sounds to tape.
  • OTHER STUDIOS – But if you want to use a studio other than mine, I can get great rates on other rooms. My cost stays the same, and you cover the studio cost.

$60 per hour

For all of my available services, check out the Rates & Services page.