Make the music you want to make the way you want to make it.

From before the first note until the final mix, you only have to deal with me. I’ll take care of everything else. You just make music.


  • A DISCUSSION of how you’d like to approach the album.
  • SONG SELECTION – I’ll help you choose your best songs that work best together.
  • CHARTS – I’ll learn and chart the songs to save time once we get to tracking.
  • PLAYING, SINGING and PROGRAMMING – I’ll do whatever the song needs that’s within my skill set. For anything outside it…
  • FINDING MUSICIANS – If you need session players, I know or will help you find the right ones.
  • HARMONY ASSISTANCE – I’ll help you write interesting, supportive vocal harmonies.
  • IDEAS – And lots of them, but this is your record. I’m here to help.
  • SCHEDULING – I’ll coordinate all sessions with all the players, so you don’t have to.


  • SONGWRITING – I love co-writing, but I don’t consider writing chord changes or lyrics part of production. If you’re interested in co-writing, let me know.
  • STRING ARRANGING – Though I’m happy to write string arrangements for an extra $125 per song.

$200 per song + studio time.

For all of my available servies, check out the Rates & Services page.