This is where the pipe burst. It’s from the faucet in the upstairs bathroom.

Shower in the upstairs bathroom. The pipes to it are not exposed. We would want to know how much it would be with and without repiping it.

This is the toilet from the upstairs bathroom. There are 2 pipes that lead to the faucet on the left side of the bathroom (the one that broke) and I believe 2 pipes that lead to the shower/toilet side of the bathroom. Would the toilet take its water from cold water pipe that leads to the shower?

This is the dining room with the exposed pipes. It’s situated the same as the bathroom upstairs (L=L, R=R).

These are the pipes to the left which lead to the upstairs faucet.

I’m pretty sure those pipes come up just behind this drywall.

This is the run of pipe that goes up to the faucet on the left and the shower on the right

The pipes on the right lead up to the shower, the ones in the middle run down and connect by the water heater in the basement.

The pipes that run to the basement.


This is the basement ceiling where the old pipes come in and connect to the new ones.