“Great engineers go beyond their title, they’re a part of the project and bring more to the table than their hourly rate or expectations require. That’s what I got at Yellow Room Recording with Peter Rodocker.”
-Russell Stafford

Pro Tools 002 with Black Lion Audio Mod
Pro Tools MBOX 2
Axiom 49 MIDI Controller
Oxygen 8 MIDI Controller

Mackie HR824 Monitors
Audioengine 5 Monitors
Presonus HP60 Headphone Amp
(6) Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Headphones

Software and Plug-Ins
Pro Tools 12
Reason 9
Slate Everything Bundle
Slate Trigger
Slate SSD
Izotope Mixing & Mastering Bundle
Waves Gold Bundle
Soundtoys Everything Bundle
Melodyne Essential
Various other plug-ins

(2) Neumann KM184
(2) AKG C414-XLS
(2) AT 4033
(1) Studio Projects C-1
(1) D112
(2) sm57s
(1) sm58s
(2) Beta 58A
(1) sm81
(1) sm7B
(3) Sennheiser Evolution e904

Preamps and Converters
(4) Warm Audio WA-12
(4) Wunder Audio PA-4
(2) Hamptone HVTP2K-SA
(1) Joe Meek
(1) Focusrite Voicemaster Pro
(1) Avalon U5
Apogee AD-8000

Telecaster Thinline
Gretsch Pro Jet
Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite
Yamaha AES 1500
Breedlove Cascade Mandolin
Guild F65CE-RR Acoustic
Larivee OMC-09 Acoustic
Kala Soprano Ukelele
Michael Burke D whistle
Michael Burke Low D whistle
Hammond C3 Organ with Leslie 147
Hammond M2
Prophet Keyboard
Fender P-Bass
Fender Fretless Jazz Bass
Mid-90s Pearl Masters Custom Drum Kit

Ampeg Reverberocket G S-12R
Johnson Millenium Stereo 150
Leslie 147